• Life Casting

    Your first taste of life casting suitable for any experience level.

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    Face Life Casting

    1 Day Workshop

    Learn how to take a life casting of a face Suitable for any skill level, even complete beginners, the first half of the workshop focuses on taking a life cast of the face and neck using alginate and plaster bandages. The remainder of the day is spent turning that casting into a stone positive.



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    Beginners Life Casting

    Afternoon Workshop


    This afternoon workshop will give students a basic insight into the art of Life Casting.
    You'll use alginate and plaster to create simple castings of your hands or feet.
    Extremely easy and a lot of fun, perfect way to experience life casting for the first time.


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    Full Head Life Casting

    Half Day Session


    This is not a traditional workshop, more of a service. It is aimed more at anybody wanting a life cast of their own head and neck to take home. You may have and opportunity to assist with the application to others and will be talked through the entire process, but the practical elements will be limited.